Aging Better Now



 Aging Better Now

What do I mean by Aging Better Now?  Well, it goes a little something like this.  In the very beginning as babies, our parents teach us that talking is good,  walking is good for us, eating healthy is good for us because they want us to grow up to be big, nice, strong and pretty.  They make us take music lessons, swim lessons, and play football or basketball because they believe that it will make us well-rounded individuals when we grow up. Before I continue, you should know that this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on or purchase one of the product links I’ll receive some compensation that will support my addiction to all things coffee.

Parents literally invest a considerable amount of time and money into their children to see them get off on the right foot as we become functioning adults in society.  But then those kids are all of a sudden 30 somethings and they have kids of their own.

Aging Better Now means taking care of yourself your self when children come along.

Take care of yourself so you’ll be better at taking care of your children and grandchildren.

Too Busy For Your Own Good

This is the part that gets really busy.  These 30 somethings now have children of their own and they are chauffering the kids to little league baseball, mighty might football, gymnastics, etc.  Furthermore, as time progresses they forget about themselves because after all, it’s not about them anymore they have to prioritize and take care of little someones besides themselves.

The Biggest Lie!

Aging better now means putting yourself at the top of you're to do list.

Don’t hesitate to make yourself a priority.

This is the biggest lie I have ever heard!!  The first thing I want to make perfectly clear is those little darlings need healthy parents to set good examples to literally show them the way.  If parents and grandparents can’t take proper care of themselves they are sending very mixed and confusing signals to their children.  If you want your child to eat well and you are a regular at Mc Donalds drive through what’s that teaching them?

Monkey see Monkey do,  Monkey Wanna be Just Like You

They know what you’re having(fries and a McDouble washing it down with Dr. Pepper) while they are in the back seat eating chicken nuggets and apple slices with milk.  If you really think that’s what’s best for them then you should be eating the same thing. This is an important step to acknowledging aging better now starts with the little day to day decisions that we make day in and day out. Really and truly these happy meals are perfect portions for adults trying to lose some weight. Next, follow this meal with a 16-ounce bottle of water to keep you feeling full longer and there you have it a good meal for your waistline and a perfect example for your child.

I’m Not a Kid Anymore

When I was in my 30s, it occurred to me, I’m not a kid anymore. Next, I began to see that by age 35 I was halfway to 70. Hmmmm. Just think about that for a moment. What you do in your thirties is absolutely going to affect you in your 40s.  We were taught this as children. What we learn in elementary school is going to affect high school and what we learn in high school is going to affect our college years.

Furthermore, just because your a grown woman or man doesn’t mean you are off the hook for taking care of yourself. Back in the day, when I was in my late 20s my dad taught me that I am my own best resource and that if I don’t function properly things around me will also begin to fall apart.  We have to do regular maintenance on our physical and mental health so we can do what needs to be done on our jobs, in our homes and in general the regular ordinary everyday activities that require attention.

Upkeep and Keeping UP


Friends help keep us accountable to our workout routines.

Friends help keep us accountable to our workout routines. You should always encourage your buddy to keep going and keep up the good work.

This means that you need to keep up exercise routines, good eating habits, and vitamins and supplements.  Remember to go to your annual physicals and dental appointments. Truthfully, and most importantly, it’s the everyday decisions that matter for better aging now. If you’re a smoker, get help to quit.  Some struggle with alcohol addiction gets help and support. Falling off the diet wagon happens to us all.   Take yourself in hand and try again. Making better choices even if they are small can snowball and lead you to excellent results. Regular upkeep allows you to keep up.

If I Can do it I Know You Can Too ☻

380 lbs. before weight loss surgery.

Before weight loss surgery Age 41 in this photo


Get a Grip on Bad Habits for Aging Better Now

I’m proud to say I quit smoking. I did it by cutting back a little at a time and the more I cut back the more my willpower gained momentum. Next, came my tunnel vision for pursuing weight-loss surgery. ( 185 pounds lost to date)  Now I am going to the gym 5 days a week.  I have my mobility back, meaning I can take the stairs, I don’t need help getting in and out of the car and so much more.

What You do for Aging Better Now Affects the Next Decade

My age is 52 now and  I’m looking forward to my later 50s and 60s because I made some very important decisions early in my 40s that are making a huge difference in the way I’m aging.  you could say I’m aging younger and you can too. I’m able to take care of those around me who need me.  because I know I am my own best resource.  I’ve had an overhaul and now I am maintaining a healthy lifestyle with better choices every day.

My routine looks like this:

  • Rule number one, always eat meals on a salad plate.  Put the dinner plates away for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Mon, Wed, Fri, I go to the YMCA.
  • Tue, Thurs, and some Sat. So, when I’m working from home, I go to my Apartment complex gym for a less intense workout. These sessions are mini workouts.
  • I choose to practice intermittent fasting by doing a fasted workout in the mornings.
  • Choosing lean meat and vegetables as the main course for my meals is helpful. I rely on Whey protein shakes to help me fill in the blanks where I might be short on grams of protein.
  • Might I suggest drinking primarily water?  I find that it’s a quick way to cut back on calories. Save your calories for food.
  • It feels so good to take a 30-minute nap roughly every day.  Don’t have time for a nap? That’s ok try to go to bed a little bit earlier, you’ll be glad you did.

 I hope you found this blog post helpful.

I hope you enjoyed this discussion. Please share thoughts and, feel free to leave your comments and share this post with friends.

I’m Karen with Embracing Aging,

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