It’s Not a Destination, It’s a Journey

Have you ever said to yourself, “When I get ______ (insert condition ), I’ll be…

  • Happier
  • Healthier
  • Smarter
  • Kinder
  • Fit

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We are all on a journey striving to reach contentment. It’s not unusual to fall into the mindset that,” I’ll be happy when I achieve _____” (billionaire status lol.)  Let me be the one to really hammer this home. It’s a journey.

Karen's before weight loss surgery picture. Embracing Aging

This is me at about 380 lbs just about one month before I had weight loss surgery.

Karen and her husband and daughter on the day of her daughter's graduation.

My husband, daughter and I on the day of my daughter’s high school graduation. I was miserable.

Flashback 10 years ago, I weighed 380 pounds. I was well on my way to a myriad of health problems.  Health problems that will kill a person. Thus the name Morbid Obesity. I tried all kinds of diets and wasn’t able to get a grip on my eating habits or manage a regular exercise regime.

Throwing up my white flag, weight loss surgery was my best option. After careful consideration, I decided the roux en y gastric by-pass was the way to go. The surgeon creates a new stomach pouch. About the size of an egg. The pouch connected to the middle part of the small intestine bypassing the rest of the stomach and the upper part of the small intestine.

Taking Back My Life

Spending most of my thirties being Morbidly Obese, I needed to add back the quality of life for my remaining years. I wasn’t growing older gracefully and certainly wasn’t embracing my age.  Since I made the decision to have this surgery in 2007, I’m not over 400 pounds nor am I 6ft. buried underground.  5 years after wls (weight loss surgery) I stopped losing weight primarily because I didn’t want my skin to get any looser.

Do Whatever It Takes To Stay Motivated On Your Journey

Realizing that I had become complacent, my daughter gave me an opportunity to do better.  In 2016 my beautiful adult daughter was working out at the YMCA.  I understood the road she was traveling. We went to the gym and I supported her effort to lose weight and get fit.

Ugh.  It was awful.   But I kept going. What I hated, was the 5 a.m. schedule she had to adhere to because she’s a 3rd-grade teacher and had to commute one hour one way to her job. I was tired! (Imagine how she felt)  So I’d go back home and I’d nap while my amazing daughter would go to school and teach, she set the bar high for me.

Soon, I found out that I was wickedly out of shape in spite of losing just over 150 1bs. Over the course of the year, I learned more about nutrition (I had learned a lot through wls), the different kinds of protein, delayed onset muscle soreness aka the D.O.M.S., optimal times to do strength training, and cardio. I was getting quite an education. My daughter may be the teacher, but I was getting schooled!

This journey is an experience of a lifetime

Helping my daughter in her classroom

Embrace Each And Every Success No Matter How Small  

Today I’m just 3 weeks shy of my 10 year anniversary of weight loss surgery.  I’m am the perfect example of how weight loss, happiness, kindness, becoming smarter, positive attitude, fit and anything else you can think of is really a lifelong journey. 10 years so far and counting.

I will never arrive, but oh, the journey is spectacular!  The friends I’ve made, the things I’ve learned, have been so delightful and rewarding.  I believe this experience helps me help you on your journey.  NEVER quit. Keep going, learning, engaging, and sticking to the plan of bettering yourself (whatever it is) is a worthwhile lifelong mission.

Decide the time to be happy, is now

So the next time you say to yourself, ‘I’ll be happy when…. ” just change it to, “I deserve to be happy now” and step into the role of who you want to be today. One of my little mottos is “Faith it ’til you make it.  “Take the conditions off of yourself by NOT saying,  “It’ll be better when….”  Make good decisions today. Embrace them as a success, even if they’re small.  Because small steps lead to miles. And the accomplishments begin to stack up.

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I’m Karen with Embracing Aging

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