Healing Hip Pain

Healing Hip Pain through conventional medicine and healthy habits

At this moment, I am waiting to hear from my G.P.(general practitioner) He’s going to tell me about my x-rays taken of my hip yesterday at my annual physical.  Before I continue, you should know that this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on or purchase one of the product links I’ll receive some compensation that will support my addiction to all things coffee.

Now allowing my Dr. to help me with a plan of healing my hip pain is out of character for me.  I try to avoid the Dr. office at all costs. (punny, I know)  I’m pretty sure I already know what he’ll say but I don’t want to assume anything.

There will be advice:

  • take this for pain
  • don’t do this
  • do this instead
  • you’re not getting any younger (he actually said this to me in the office yesterday)
  • call me if you have further concerns.

My preference is to go the natural route, using holistic methods of healing:

  • healthy food
  • gentle physical therapy
  • massage
  • yoga

Too much of a good thing 

Truth be told about the situation I got myself in.  I love to work out at the gym, it’s my favorite thing to do; plug in my headphones and get swept away by my favorite songs while I do strength training, abs, and cardio in that order.

Currently, I am trying to firm loose skin from losing almost 180 pounds. I raised my single leg press to 130 pounds doing 2 sets of 8-10 reps. Then, I also raised my standard leg press to 350 pounds doing 2 sets of 10-12 reps. Well, my left hip said, “Really??? Are you sure about this??.

Coming up in three weeks was my annual physical and I thought if it’s not healed by then, I’ll bring it up at my visit. Meanwhile, my hip would loosen up after I would work out. In my downtime, sitting too long even for 30 minutes proved to be a problem, causing me to limp and favor my left hip plus it was much more painful and inflamed after sitting.

After my rest days, I felt somewhat better so I’d go workout thinking, “I’ll just work through the pain, it’s not bad, It’s tolerable, it’ll get better”.  I was pushing my luck.

Modifying exercise

While I sit at home writing this post as a cautionary tale for you to hopefully learn from my mistake.  I am a firm believer that the fountain of youth is found in strength training.  As I started to increase my weights, I should have paid closer attention to leg position, proper form is key to avoiding injury or making a condition worse like arthritis.

Healing Hip Pain Embracingaging.us

leg day

Moving forward, I’ll be doing leg day with fewer weights or no weights, but on the upside, I can still work out regularly. Thank the good Lord.

The most important part of healing is having a positive attitude. It is key that if I’m going to get past this speed bump in the road of life, a sense of humor and a lot of patience with myself will help me get through this.

Just now, my G.P. just called me and said what I expected him to say,  “Take this oral steroid medication.  Lay off the strenuous exercise for 2 weeks.  Next, call me. I wanna hear from you and see how you’re healing”.  Did I nail it or what? He also said “When patients say “doc it hurts when I do this______”(insert action) doc’s reply, “don’t do that.”  In other words, don’t push through pain while at the gym.

Food as medicine

Now I’m carving out a coordinating treatment plan that coincides with my Drs. advice and prescription medication include:

  • taking into consideration what foods to eat,
  • the amount of exercise,
  • rest
  • meditation/yoga.

In addition to adjustments in my workout routine, I’m choosing these foods to help with healing:

  • Tumeric- for its incredible anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Bone Broth- because it contains minerals, collagen, hyaluronic acid it’s essentially liquid gold.
  • Alkaline foods- to create a more conducive environment within my body for healing bone.
  • A gluten-free diet- to get a hold of inflammation

Next, the foods I’m limiting listed here because they provoke inflammation:

  • Sugar
  • Gluten (always read the label. Gluten is sneaky and hides in  unsuspecting places)
  • Acidic foods
  • unhealthy oils, (margarine, corn, especially partially hydrogenated oils)

The hardest part of this for me is, I’m not a fan of steroid use. I really thought long and hard if I should take this medication. Realizing an anti-inflammatory diet, a gentler workout routine, and balancing my approach to healing would be smart. Combining the help of the prescription with natural healing will be the key to getting well sooner.

Cleaning up my eating habits

Finally, I realized just how lax I had become with my gluten-free eating habits. Thinking I could pick and choose what foods containing gluten are worth the skin itching, brain fog, and leg aches were self-deception. In conclusion, this hip pain has my full attention and will be my best opportunity to really reflect on my nutritional habits and decide how I can do better.

Please feel free to share your words of wisdom and methods of healing that work well for you.

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